Driving growth for Unilever’s personal care brands by refreshing their retail experience

Shoppers are faced with with up to 3,000 different lines to choose from when visiting the beauty  aisle of a typical supermarket. Unilever alone has over 200 different SKUs across their Dove, Lynx and Sure ranges.

As their shopper marketing agency we work with Unilever to grow their personal care business by helping shoppers to find the right products for their needs. To achieve this we work across channel strategy, brand activation, merchandising, promotions and sampling.

When the Sure team tasked us to come up with a campaign for a retail chain that leveraged Sure's GAA sponsorship we devised and executed the Sure Shot Challenge, a platform that engaged over 300,000 fans nationwide, gained extensive social media exposure and with an entry mechanic that drove incremental footfall into stores.

We also worked with the Lynx team to launch their new Ice Chill range in stores, with an integrated campaign that included experiential brand activation, in-store merchandising, supplemented with a targeted sampling campaign that reached core consumers through digital media targeting.

Lynx Challenge Game