Working with Tesco to carve a bigger slice of meat sales

Throughout 2018 we are taking to the streets with Tesco to help showcase the superior taste and quality of their Finest* fresh meat offering. Rather than just telling people how great it is, we are enabling them to experience it for themselves in the most optimal way that champions the meat.

We devised an American style barbecue experience, operated by world renowned pit masters, using Irish oak in smokers to prepare the meat ‘low and slow’ style. The quality of the preparation was acknowledge at the prestigious Big Grill Festival in Herbert Park where Tesco’s brisket steak was voted best in class by peers.

Additionally we worked with leading chef, Andrew Holmes to create a restaurant-quality menu with three hero dishes that can be served remotely in a bespoke Airstream food truck.

To date we’ve pitched up at Electric Picnic, Bloom Festival, Taste of Dublin, Galway Arts Festival, Laya City Spectacular, The Big Grill, and The Ploughing Championship to feed festival goers.

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