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Backup Marketing-COVID-Cover

Helping Our Clients To Navigate COVID-19.

Since the onset of COVID-19 and the changing phases of restrictions we’ve been busy helping our clients to find innovative ways to do things in socially-distant & responsible framework.

Below are some examples of COVID-friendly projects, where we worked with companies to engage people in creative ways and in accordance with strict health & safety guidelines.

Video Conference

Virtual Events.

We’ve worked with clients on staging a wide range of virtual events including launches, conferences and colleague events.

Socially Distant Events.

We reconfigured a large charity golf tournament to be safer & socially distant, managing to maintain a great guest experience & with minimal impact on the amount of money raised.


Safe Customer & Colleague Engagements.

We worked with Woodies to transform their annual Heroes charity fundraising initiative into a more COVID-19 friendly format - engaging colleagues & customers with a shared goal of covering the 384,000 kilometre distance from Earth to the Moon. The campaign moved away from ad-hoc fundraisers towards a more structured & socially-distanced framework for fundraising.

Hybrid Customer Events.

Throughout 2019 we ran a series of successful in-store customer events in Tesco stores targeting new parents. The roadshow covered topics including sleep, nutrition, child safety and weaning. This year we adapted the format to run remote webinars with expert panellists. The events were designed to be regionally targeted, and attendees were mailed money-off vouchers and coupons for a free gift box redeemable in store.


Adapted Sampling.

We helped Tesco to transform their in-store sampling format, enabling brands once again to sample products to their customers. All staff are provided with updated HACCP safety training, full protective gear, and stands are protected by perspex screens. The experience is designed around heightened safety procedures and samples are limited to single-use, individually packaged goods.

To date we have helped Unilever, Kilmeaden & Mars

Ireland to get back into stores.

Talk to us about how we can help you to adapt during COVID-19, and continue to engage with the people who matter most to you.

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