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To flawlessly execute NetApp's International Headquarters launch event, bringing together colleagues and the wider community in their landmark quayside offices.

The event should encapsulate the vibrancy of the new location in Cork City’s Docklands, as well as the cultural heritage of the City.


As a new entrant to Ireland, NetApp required comprehensive event management services that covered everything from event concept and design, guest relations, entertainment, catering, video production, AV and lighting, all while ensuring a seamless experience for their attendees.


The launch event was designed as a celebration of an exciting future - both for NetApp and its new colleagues, and Cork City as an emerging hub for innovative technology companies.


To celebrate the richness of the locality we created a pop-up bazaar where artisan food producers from across County Cork showcased their produce to guests while local artists artists performed.


Backup created pre-recorded videos designed to introduce NetApp to the guests, and also broadcasted the live speeches to colleagues across the USA.


Over 300 guests attended the launch, with colleagues flying in from all over the world, including NetApp President César Cernuda. 

The launch was a huge success and garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees, stakeholders, and the media.


NetApp's International Headquarters launch received well-deserved recognition, positioning the company as a leader in its industry while strengthening its overall brand reputation both in Ireland and further abroad. This boost in media attention also helped in recruitment efforts for the company. 

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