Hello, We are Backup Marketing.

What We Do

Our shopper-centric approach to business is designed to create sustainable growth by helping your customers to buy smarter - whether that’s related to price, convenience, diet, taste, health, efficiency or personalisation.

While shoppers are critical to what we do, we focus on their wider journey rather than just the in-store experience. By focusing on the holistic shopper experience, we work through the line, eradicating any separation between above-the-line & below-the-line engagement, as well as online & offline behaviour.

Our toolkit is designed to remove blocks in the way so that the shopper can best meet the consumption needs that they are responsible for. We do this by helping the process of product awareness, discovery, assessment, trial & acquisition, right through to usage.

From first experience through to checkout, we help businesses grow sustainably by empowering customers to shop smarter & do better.
About Us

Our field of expertise includes experiential marketing, brand activation, event management, point-of-purchase and in-store optimisation, e-commerce optimisation, promotions, product sampling & demonstrations.

We have continuously evolved our business in line with new technologies & changing shopping behaviours. In 2011 we created the BACKUP Group comprising our sister companies Fillit, inhand & STAFFUP. Each company started off serving the needs of BACKP clients, but went on to become stand alone companies also serving other agencies and brands directly.

  • Fillit is an award winning booking platform helping brands access high impact commercial spaces for experiential marketing & promotional campaigns.

  • Inhand is a product sampling platform that connects advertising with product trial and sales, enabling your target audience to seamlessly experience your product.

  • STAFFUP is a staffing agency enabling brands to connect face-to-face with customers, driving sales through activations, demonstrations & promotional activity.

Our People

We have 26 full-time staff working across account management, insights, strategy, creative solutions, experience design, production & digital platforms.